Registration For Satara Hill Cyclothon 2018 Season II Ends on 25th October 2018...,


About SHC 2018

    “SATARA HILL CYCLOTHON”, a cycling pro-race will be passing through the most beautiful and scenic mountain ranges of the western Maharashtra, making its way through the top of Sahyadri hills passing through the Western Ghats, Plain plateus, small villages surrounded by tress at many places and a wide open sky at most of the places giving you a 360 degree view of the horizon whenever you look around. The total distance covered by the race would be around 55 Kilometres and you will cycle through the most alluring “Kaas Pathar” which is valley full of flowers, a plateau at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level, which became the part of  the “UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2012&rdq

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July 02,2018
भव्य रक्तदान शिबीर सातारा
सोमवार दिनांक  २ जुलै २०१८ रो more
May 17,2018
दैनिक ऐक्य : Golden Quadrilateral (6500 km) on Bicycle.
 Golden Quadrilateral (6500 km) on Bicycle. या उपक्रम स more
January 28,2018
सातारा हिल सायक्लोथॉनला उत्स्फूर्त प्रतिसाद
January 28,2018
सातारा हिल सायक्लोथॉन स्पर्धां
पुण्यनगरी न्यूज  more
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  • 55K First Prize of Female
    Pooja Danole

  • 55K Second Prize of Female
    Manavi Patil

  • 55K Third Prize of Female
    Pranjali Patole

  • 55K First Prize of Male
    Santosh Vibhuthalli

  • 55K Second Prize of Male
    Dilip Mane

  • 55K Third Prize of Male
    Prakesh Olekar

  • 55K First Prize of SATARA
    Tushar Bhoite

  • 55K Second Prize of SATARA
    Vinay Naik